Li Zijun skating to Jane Zhang’s “Only for Love”

Because she’s too precious for this world and we might never see this again.  source

It’s actually pretty rare for Chinese pop music to make it into official programs, so here’s one of my favorites as the season ends.   Li Zijun, one of China’s top female figure skaters, skating to Jane Zhang‘s “Only for Love.”


3 thoughts on “Li Zijun skating to Jane Zhang’s “Only for Love”

  1. I thought this program was way too heavy for Zijun at the beginning of the season, partly because of the choreography. It seems too empty for what the song is about. Toward the end of the season though it gradually became better to watch probably because Zijun is a very anesthetically pleasing skater and she tries her best to interpret . Sadly she’s been underscored throughout most of her senior career, especially this season where judges chose not to reward her for her PCS. I’m hoping she makes them change their minds in the upcoming season grand prix events.

    Chinese pop music is indeed rare in competition programs. I can only think of ice dancers Liu Xinyu and Wang Shiyue’s program from last season where they incorporated Coco Lee’s A Life Before Time/Moon Lovers in their free dance. Before vocals were allowed, Australia’s Brooklee Han used Jay Chou’s Secret as her free program music for two consecutive seasons. Let’s see when the next Cpop song shows up in an official program!

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