First trailer for Yu Menglong, Mao Xiaotong’s identity-switch rom-com

Who’s Not Rebellious Youth 谁的青春不叛逆 stars Yu Menglong (TLTWTMPB) as a young athlete who has a talent for gaming, and Mao Xiaotong (The Princess Weiyoung) as a successful white-collar worker.

Lu Xiang (Yu Menglong) and Lu Yin (Liang Dawei) are complete opposites – the former has no interest in studying, while the latter is a successful director who gets hired at a top firm as soon as he returns from abroad. Unfortunately Lu Yin loses his memories after an accident, and Lu Xiang decides to take up the job offer in his brother’s stead. While masquerading as an executive, he meets the quirky Tang Shi (Mao Xiaotong), and the two develop feelings for each other.

The initial synopsis makes the drama sound like a remake of 2014 Korean drama High Schooler King of Life / High School King of Savvy, except this time the brothers aren’t lookalikes. The first trailer already hints at amnesia, jealous co-workers and noble idiocy  – fingers-crossed the drama doesn’t get too carried away with the crazy subplots.

The 44 episode drama is led by a new director and writer, and is still in the process of filming.

2 thoughts on “First trailer for Yu Menglong, Mao Xiaotong’s identity-switch rom-com

  1. I definitely thought Yu Menglong and Mao Xiaotong were going to switch identities when I first read the title, and now I think they would kind of be perfect for such a drama.

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