Chinese remake of Midnight Diner releases trailer

Here’s a trailer for Midnight Diner, the official remake of Shinya Shokudo by Yaro Abe. Huang Lei (variety show Happy Life) takes on the role of the mysterious Master, the owner of a restaurant that only accepts customers between midnight and 7am.

Each patron that comes into the diner have their own stories to tell, and Master will be responsible for bringing their desired dishes to the table. The drama features several notable guests in MC He Jiong, Janine Chang, Mark Chao, Hai Qing, Chin Shi-chieh, Qi Wei, Ivy Chen and singer Jam Hsiao among others. The full list can be found on Dramawiki, and the original image featuring the entire extended cast can be found here.

Midnight Diner has 40 episodes, and will premiere on June 11th.


5 thoughts on “Chinese remake of Midnight Diner releases trailer

  1. There was also an unofficial one called 深爱食堂 that MIC was in.

    I don’t understand why they’re still keeping the Japanese restaurant idea when they’re having it set in China. The food culture is completely different, and I wish they would adapt better.

  2. Thank You!
    I’ve being waiting for a date to go on air and a trailer for a long time.
    I’m following the drama since the news of it being made came out.
    It seems like we will get great acting at least!

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