Lu Han releases Forbidden Palace collaboration

Who doesn’t want a Forbidden Palace X themself themed gift?

Lu Han has the best fan memorabilia ever and I’m beyond jealous. With a theme around  deer (Lu 鹿 means deer) and reading, the collaboration with designer Wu Tong takes inspiration from books from the Royal Library as well as architectural accents from the Forbidden Palace.

The collection includes a pencil case, a six-sided  stamp that doubles as a necklace pendant and a incense burner, a paperclip, a bookmark,  a journal, and envelopes with designs from the Royal Library.

You can buy it here (taobao now ships abroad!). I also highly recommend the National Museum souvenir shop, which has pretty creative and awesome gifts for both yourself and friends.

The Chinese museum souvenir business has really only developed in the past few years, with the National Palace museum leading the way with crazy stuff like  Qing-dynasty official umbrellas and the headphones. Both the National Museum and the Forbidden Palace Museum have a lot of limited edition stuff, though, so many stuff here are no longer sold.  Here are some of the more fun things you can buy on top of the usual museum souvenirs.


Add some H2O and history to every breath you take with these humidifiers that takes their designs from a Qing-dynasty book on marine animals. 

Measure up to the emperor with rulers modeled after qilin roof designs.

Cover yourself in a Shang-dynasty Fuyi container (商父乙觥), one of the cutest artifacts ever from the Shanghai museum.

Travel on the order of the Emperor with these luggage tags.

Protect yourself from smog with these mouth masks  (see below for inspirations).

Kick up your phone with this royal guard.

Tour the Forbidden Palace in style with these Qing-dynasty official umbrella-hats.

Color in authentic designs from the Forbidden Palace in this series of coloring books with focuses on architecture, costumes, and artifacts

You can also even use your creativity with a variety of limited edition tapes.

Here’s a Lu Han photo since I think this post was about him?

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  1. Your photo captions always crack me up 😂 these souvenirs are so cool! Need to check them out next time I go to a Chinese museum.

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