Season 3 of Divas Hit the Road 花儿与少年: 冒险季 features a new and younger cast in Jiang Shuying, Bolin Chen, Guli Nazha, Zhang Ruoyun, Tony Yang, Song Zu’er (as Nezha in Lotus Lantern 2005) and Lai Yumeng (new actress who made her debut in Go! Goal! Fighting!), with Jing Boran as the only returning cast member.

The new season is all about taking risks and being adventurous, as the cast try their hand at skydiving, snorkeling, climbing into the rain forest canopy, paragliding and trekking through the Namib Desert. Promos may not reflect the quality of the final product, but it’s undeniable that Hunan TV is at the top of its game when it comes to teasers. The new season will air every Sunday from April 23rd.


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