Sun Li, Chen Xiao waltz together in Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay has released stills of the OTP, played by Sun Li (Legend of Mi Yue) and Chen Xiao (Above the Clouds). The creative team deserve extra brownie points for collating the stills into a creative slide show presentation.

Sun Li plays Zhou Ying, a young girl who marries Wu Ping, played by Peter Ho (Sword Master), to ward off bad luck. She loses her husband to sickness not long after, and has to take over the family business. Through a series of fateful accidents, Zhou Ying eventually transforms into a skilled businesswoman and becomes the richest merchant of the times.

Chen Xiao costars as Shen Xingyi, a rich and childish young master who falls in love with Zhou Ying and decides to change his immature ways because of her. Nothing Gold Can Stay is director Ding Hei and writer Su Xiaoyuan’s second collaboration after Embrace the Stars of the Moon, and is tentatively scheduled for a November broadcast.

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