Historical epic White Deer Plain gears up for release

White Deer Plain 白鹿原 is based on Chen Zhongshi’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name and chronicles the feud between the Bai and Lu families during a time of political upheaval. Zhang Jiayi (The Young Marshal)He Bing (Anti-Japanese Hero Qi Jiguang) and Qin Hailu (Shopping Queen) lead the older generation, while the main characters from the younger generation will be played by Zhai Tianlin (Legend of Nine Tailed Fox), Lei Jiayin (Red Star Over China) and Li Qin (Love O2O).

The drama will play out over 50 years of Chinese history, starting from the twilight years of Imperial China, through to the civil war between the Kuomintang and Communists, the Japanese Invasion and ending with liberation in 1949.

Zhang Jiayi plays the honest and righteous Bai Jiaxuan, and Qin Hailu stars as his virtuous wife Xiancao. He Bing plays Lu Zilin, the leader of the Lu clan who is prone to lascivious behaviour and Liu Peiqi (Lord of Shanghai) plays Sir Zhu, the most educated man in the village. Li Hongtao (Ma Xiangyang Goes to the Countryside) plays Lu San, faithful servant and friend to Bai Jiaxuan. He also has a rebellious son in Hei Wa, played by Ji Ta (The Red Flag Thrown Into West Wind).

The Bai family’s eldest son Bai Xiaowen (Zhai Tianlin) is introduced as a good-natured young lad, though the selfish and cunning side of his personality is revealed when he becomes infatuated with Hei Wa’s wife Tian Xiao’e (Li Qin). On the other hand, Lei Jiayin’s Lu Zhaopeng takes on the role of the traditional hero – he becomes a member of the Communist Party and has a happy marriage with Bai Jiaxuan’s daughter Bai Ling (Sun Yi).

The 80 episode drama comes from director Liu Jin (Pretty Wife) and writer Shen Jie (Tiger Mom) and is scheduled to broadcast on Anhui TV and Jiangsu TV from April 16th.

2 thoughts on “Historical epic White Deer Plain gears up for release

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  2. I would love to see the similarly award winning southern take on late Qing to Republic era epic novel 南方有嘉木 to be made into a drama as well tell the story of Tea farmer-merchant family in Hangzhou. That book is also part of a trilogy as well, with 不夜之侯 covering the war year from 37 to 49 and 筑草为城 covering 1950s to mid 1990s.

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