Brotherhood of Blades II 绣春刀II:修罗战场 has released posters and a preview. Chang Chen (Mr. Long) reprises his role as Shen Lian, a member of the Ming Dynasty secret police (Jinyiwei). The second film features a brand new cast in Yang Mi (TLTWTMPB), Zhang Yi (Feather Flies To The Sky) and Lei Jiayin (White Deer Plain) among others.

Shen Lian is caught up within a large-scale conspiracy and framed as the criminal, and has to prove his innocence while avoiding attempts on his life. Both Zhang Yi and Lei Jiayin play Shen Lian’s colleagues, though the latter obviously sees him as a rival.

Yang Mi stars as Shen Lian’s love interest Sir Beizhai, a mysterious painter who becomes disillusioned with the corrupt government. Other cast members include Chin Shi-chieh (Surgeons, Midnight Diner), who is returning as the corrupt eunuch Wei Zhongxian, Xin Zhilei (Blood of Youth) and Li Yuan (Super Express).

Brotherhood of Blades II is helmed by the same director-writer pair behind the first movie, and will premiere on August 11th.

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