New visually stunning trailer for Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

I’ve been trying to keep my expectations low for Tribes and Empires, but the release of another fantastic trailer isn’t helping.

Huang Xuan (Extraordinary Mission) stars the half-human half-spirit prince Muyun Sheng, Shawn Dou (The Last Race) is the abandoned son of a loyal general and Zhou Yiwei (The Insanity) plays the heir of one of the nomadic tribes. Their love interests are played by Janice Man, Xu Lu and Zhang Jianing respectively.


This time we also get a closer look at the complicated love triangle of the older generation, featuring the gorgeous Jiang Qinqin as Empress Nanku Mingli, Lu Fangsheng as the emperor and Janine Chang as a spirit and Muyun Sheng’s mother. Jiang Qinqin’s unrequited love for her husband (Lu Fangsheng) and jealousy of Yinrong (Janine Chang) causes her to succumb to the dark side as she joins hands with the ambitious prince Muyun Luan (Wang Qianyuan).

Novoland is a rich fantasy world with its own rules and mythology, and this drama will only be presenting one facet – other productions that are in the works include Wings of Wind, a movie and a drama based on Eagle Flag 九州·缥缈录 and  a drama based on White Bird and Mythical Turtle 九州·白雀神龟.

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy is slated to air on Hunan TV this year, though there is no concrete news regarding its actual release date.

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