Jin Dong, Bai Baihe’s Surgeons to air

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Jin Dong (Candle in the Tomb) and Bai Baihe’s (The Missing) upcoming medical drama Surgeons has released new stills and a long trailer ahead of its premiere on April 17th.

Renhe Hospital nurse Zhang Shumei is forced to resign after being suspected of accidentally killing a patient. Zhang Shumei’s 4 year old daughter is abducted, and she herself dies in a car accident a couple of years later. 30 years later, Zhang Shumei’s son Zhuang Shu (Jin Dong) returns to the hospital as a surgeon who is intent on unraveling the secret behind his family’s misfortune.

Cardio surgeon Lu Chenxi (Bai Baihe) is the daughter of the patient that was under Zhang Shumei’s care 30 years ago. She is demoted to the emergency department after offending director Yang Fan (Liu Yijun). Eventually she will begin helping Zhuang Shu solve the family mystery and falls in love with him in the process (I’m more excited about the cohabitation hijinks that will ensue when they move in with Li Jiahang’s character).

The 45 episode drama is screenwriter Zhu Zhu’s (When A Snail Falls in Love) third medical drama and director Li Xue’s second solo project after 2015’s The Disguiser. Daylight Entertainment’s other drama Ode to Joy 2 will follow on May 11th.

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  1. I love Bai Baihe and I think 长大 is underappreciated, but I judge her for playing like the same character by the same writer in a very similar series. And it’s not like she doesn’t have her pick of roles.

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