Once Upon a Time confirms July premiere, releases new teaser

With a drama and a movie version of this story, I’m reminded of the story Two of Everything with the magic pot.

Once Upon a Time, formerly Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, has released more posters, a new teaser and confirmed a premiere date of July 21st. Starring Liu Yifei and Yang Yang, fans of these actors can get a better look at the movie version.

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7 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time confirms July premiere, releases new teaser

  1. The trailer is epic. Yang Yang and Liu Yifei look like a god and goddess. I thought the leads in the dram version were too plain visually.

  2. The costumes are kind of weird but the ones that were included in the video looked a bit more… bearable(?) than in the posters. I kind of like Mr. Peacock Man though. He gives me drag queen vibes.

    Ah, I can’t wait! Hopefully this one will be easier to find. I still haven’t been able to watch the series.

  3. Liu Yifei and Yang Yang are so pretty I can’t even. No to Luo Jin’s costume, though.

    I couldn’t get through the drama version mostly because their kid cannot act all. This one seems better?

  4. ….Luo Jin’s costume….

    Somehow I prefer the style and costumes of the drama version. This version seems to have more of the exaggerated fantasy Xianxia feel to it

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