Bai Baihe goes on a desperate search for her daughter in upcoming thriller

The Missing 绑架者 stars Bai Baihe (I Belonged To You) as a police officer whose goes daughter goes missing. She homes in on the suspect, played by Stanley Huang (Somewhere Only We Know), only to discover that he had lost all his memories in a suspicious accident.

Stanley Huang returns to his gang in an attempt to remember the past, though Bai Baihe isn’t about to let go of the only clue to her daughter’s whereabouts. Ming Dao (Let’s Fall in Love) costars as a police officer on the search team and Xu Jinglei (Somewhere Only We Know) will be playing a mysterious character (perhaps the real abductor?)

This film is the latest directorial project from Xu Jinglei, and will be her first foray into the thriller genre after a slew of modern romance films. The Missing will premiere in cinemas on March 31st.

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