More posters for Fan Bingbing’s new historical drama

More character posters have been released for Fan Bingbing’s (I Am Not Madame Bovary) upcoming Mary Sue historical romance drama Win the World, which follows the life of Qin Dynasty entrepreneur Ba Qing and her relationship with Gao Yunxiang’s (Legend of Mi Yue) Ying Zheng and Yan Yikuan’s (Ice Fantasy) Crown Prince Ji Dan.

According to historical records, Ying Zheng respected Ba Qing as an older sister, though it seems likely their friendship will transform into a love line for this drama. Ji Dan is the unfavoured Crown Prince of Yan who is sent to Qin as a hostage. He becomes  a close friend of Ba Qing, though their relationship sours when politics enter the picture.

The main supporting cast include Ma Su and Dylan Kuo as Ba Qing’s siblings, Zhang Guoli as politician Lv BuweiXu Fan as Madam Han, Angela Pan as Ying Zheng’s grandmother the Queen Dowager Huayang, Pan Hong as Ba Qing’s mother, Ren Shan as the impostor eunuch Lao Ai and Jiang Hongbo as Ying Zheng’s mother Consort Zhao (click to view original size).


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