Another Novoland drama in the works

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy hasn’t secured an air date yet, though that’s not stopping its production company Novoland from preparing another series set in the same fantasy world. The new drama is titled Wings of Wind 羽传说, and will be helmed by director Zhang Li (currently filming Martial Universe).

The original novel is written by Jin Hezai (Tribes and Empires, Wukong) and depicts the rise and fall of the winged tribe. The royal Feng and Yi families from the previous dynasties overthrew the current monarch, and the Yi family proclaimed themselves the new rulers. The first thing they did was segregate the winged tribe, bringing chaos to the land. As war with the mortals loomed, Feng Lingxue and Xiang Yichi are forced to choose between their love and the fate of the tribe.

3 thoughts on “Another Novoland drama in the works

  1. I enjoyed the book more than tribes and empires. Hopefully the forest fire battle will be as epic as it is in the book.

    The director typically direct serious historical dramas as well, like towards republic, 49 days memorial and the road we have taken.

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