I guess even online dramas are getting a boost in quality.

More from The Heart Painter 画心师 today.  Starring Xiong Ziqi, Zhu Xudan, Li Junchen, Bao Tianqi, Sun Bohao, Huang Tianqi, Qiu Haoxuan, Maggie Siu, Zhong Jiufu, He Zhonghua, Gao Xiong, and Fang Xiaoxi, more for those interested from our last post.

More below the cut.

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One thought on “The Heart Painter rolls out more”

  1. Thanks!
    I’m looking foward to this drama right now only for two reasons the handsomeness and Zhu Xu Dan.
    The synopsis I found at DramaPanda and Baike Baidu look some what interesting. It’s a web drama so hopefully it will be available to watch very soon.

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