Liu Shishi is a mysterious agent in The Battle at the Dawn

The Battle at the Dawn 黎明决战 begins in the year 1946, and stars Wang Qianyuan (The Village of No Return) as the new Police Commissioner of Harbin who is tasked with uprooting all the undercover Kuomintang agents. Liu Shishi (Precious Youth) plays Song Hongling, a spy on a secretive mission who uses her romantic past with the officer to gain useful intelligence.

Costars include Cao Bingkun (Divorce Lawyers) as Liu Shishi’s fellow spy and fake husband, Zhang Xilin (Let’s Fall in Love) as the main antagonist and Li Meng (Young Love Lost) as Hongling’s younger sister.

The 31 episode drama is directed by Liu Jiang (Let’s Fall in Love) and written by Lin Heping (I Married the Wrong Guy) and He Keke (Railroad Tigers). The Battle at the Dawn will air on Beijing TV and Dragon TV beginning March 3rd.

A 30 minute trailer can be found here.

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