Couple stills for Ode to Joy 2

Season 2 of Ode to Joy has released stills of the five ladies Liu TaoJiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi and Qiao Xin and their respective pairings. I’m still interested in checking out the premiere, though I’ve been keeping hopes low after season 1 fell short of expectations.

An Di (Liu Tao) is still an aloof executive, though she’ll have a tense relationship with her potential mother-in-law after she begins dating Yang Shuo‘s Bao Yifan. Fan Shengmei’s (Jiang Xin) family problems are never ending, though she’ll have a firm supporter in boyfriend Wang Baichuan (Zhang Lu) for most of the show. Qiu Yingying (Yang Zi) is content with her new online store, and begins a relationship with IT guru Ying Qin (Wu Haochen).

Guan Ju’er (Qiao Xin) blossoms into a confident young woman, and she’ll become romantically entangled with musician Xie Tong (Deng Lun). There are also rumours that she will be the main reason behind Qu Xiaoxiao (Wang Ziwen) and Zhao Qiping’s (Wang Kai) on and off relationship. Wang Ziwen revealed in an interview that this season will be based on the last two books from Ah Nai’s trilogy, so I’m hoping the series will conclude on a high note.

The 52 episode drama is produced by Daylight Entertainment, and tentatively scheduled to broadcast in early May.


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