More stills for The Fated General

Another story about the struggles of the Han Dynasty against the Xiongnu.

The Fated General 大漠骠骑—霍去病 has released more stills.  Starring Zhang RuoyunMao Xiaotong, and Bai Yu, I think I’m going to need more stills to get a better look at this production

More below the cut.

5 thoughts on “More stills for The Fated General

  1. There were stills released by the director (Fated General logo on them) of Bai Yu (he’s gritting a dao with his teeth while wading through water), Wu Chengxuan (in armor, bloody, armed w/ his spear, riding), and Kang Jie (grappling the neck of an enemy) before the stills that were included in this post. Zhang Ruoyun posted a new poster of his character on Feb 7th. Also, a new still was released of Mao Xiaotong in celebration of her birthday on Feb 16th of this year. Actor Zhong Lei has some really nice photos taken of himself and actress Xu Yue on his weibo while their scenes were being filmed. The drama also released a video for the Chinese New Year too:

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