Sinology Sunday: February 19, 2017

The Qin Dynasty was for the most part pretty short so clothing differences didn’t really seem to have the time to develop significantly. Therefore, the next major period would be the Western Han Dynasty (Experiencing Dynastic Restoration).

This week, we move on in the Chinese history timeline past the Qin Dynasty and into the Western Han Dynasty with Experiencing Dynastic Restoration 朝代復原體驗 and Hu Jingming 琥璟明.  Remember that this is still part of the time period when Chinese underwear was in develop to properly cover the body and thick and heavy clothes of dark color were favored by the upper class.

More pictures below the cut.

Hanfu groups seem to work together so I apologize ahead of time in case there are any repeats.  Also, please understand that sorting Hanfu by era can be hard due to similar styles carrying over into different eras, lack of historical evidence or knowledge, and various other factors.

The following are some links that may help you get some background information.  Please let us know in the comment section if there are any other sites you may be able to recommend for more pictures.

Chinese History Timeline

General Chinese Clothing Timeline

Hanfu: General InformationHanfu List

Make-up: LipsEyebrows

This is a Quju 曲裾 which is another type of Shenyi 深衣 along with Zhiju 直裾.  Unfortunately, I can’t find many more images of quju that are more accurate that haven’t been posted yet but the quju is pretty characteristic of the Han Dynasty in general.  It is kind of like a zhiju but with a portion of the clothing extended to wrap around the body.  More information on how to wear a quju and more images here (Experiencing Dynastic Restoration).

Remember that the Han Dynasty in general is split into the Western Han Dynasty and Eastern Han Dynasty due to Wang Mang usurping and seizing power.  This picture depicts a Pre-Western Han Dynasty Guard (Hu Jingming).

The Eastern Han Dynasty marks the Liu family returning to power.  This picture depicts a pre-Han Dynasty Guard (Hu Jingming).

You can notice how throughout this period clothes of lighter weight and color were used mainly by the lower classes.  This picture depicts a pre-Han Dynasty Guard (Hu Jingming).

Pre-Han dynasty guard (Hu Jingming).

Pre-Han dynasty guard (Hu Jingming).

Early Western Han Dynasty Guard (Hu Jingming).

Early Western Han Dynasty Guard (Hu Jingming).

Early Western Han Dynasty Guard (Hu Jingming).

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  1. I really enjoy these Sinology posts. Have you done anything on Qin Dynasty styles? I had a search on the site but I couldn’t find anything? I know it was a short period so there isn’t much but could you point me in the direction of any relevant posts you’ve made please?

    • Unfortunately, since this period was so short, I am not aware of many images floating around from that era.

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