Righteous Ardour of Changan to be released

Mystery drama for those who want something different.

Righteous Ardour of Changan (Detective Samoyeds) 热血长安 is set to be released on January 13th.  Special thanks to Sharon for pointing out the upcoming release date.  Starring Xu HaiqiaoJu JingyiZhang XinyuanChen XiaomengLi He, and Liu Guanlin, those interested can maybe check it out.

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10 thoughts on “Righteous Ardour of Changan to be released

  1. Thanks for the credit. The platform Youku broadcasted the launch conference in Beijing, which is lots of fun, and Haiqiao has performed the theme song. The conference briefly introduced the cast, their characters and the relationships between. The director joked that they had “worked” too “little” in real shooting phase. According to Haiqiao and Ju Jingyi, there will be no romance between the male and female leads, only blood feud. The MC rolled his eyes just like the rest of us — look how beautiful they stood together, no romance?

  2. I’ve a certain respect for the seated lady who has replaced the traditional feather fan wielded by a lackey with the more utilitarian, and rather wicked, mace presumably wielded by herself. This shows, I think, the proper spirit. Plus, that sort of pipe has a decided air. I want one, actually. But I don’t smoke, so it should blow bubbles.

    • I actually like her character too. Between she, Haiqiao and the handsome official, they admitted that there are a huge “triangle”, really don’t want to assume what “triangle” means.

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