Wallace Chung, Qiao Zhenyu to romance Wang Xiaochen in Healing Love

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Wang Xiaochen (Hello Joann) has been really lucky with her costars – she’s acted with dependable uncle actors Huang Lei and Zhang Jiayi, ended 2015 as Hu Ge’s love interest in Good Times, and is now confirmed as the female lead of Healing Love 幸福的理由 opposite Wallace Chung (General and I) and Qiao Zhenyu (Perfect Wedding).


Liu Shishi is a mysterious agent in The Battle at the Dawn

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The Battle at the Dawn 黎明决战 begins in the year 1946, and stars Wang Qianyuan (The Village of No Return) as the new Police Commissioner of Harbin who is tasked with uprooting all the undercover Kuomintang agents. Liu Shishi (Precious Youth) plays Song Hongling, a spy on a secretive mission who uses her romantic past with the officer to gain useful intelligence.


Let’s Shake It stills

Well… the interiors look nice…

Let’s Shake It 颤抖吧!阿部 has more stills.  Starring An Yuexi and Zheng Yecheng, it seems like those who want to watch comedies will have a couple selections to choose from soon.

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Sinology Sunday: February 26, 2017

Late Eastern Han Dynasty Nobility (Clothing and Happiness).

This week we continue on to later in the Eastern Han Dynasty from Clothing and Happiness 裝束與樂舞 and Experiencing Dynastic Restoration 朝代復原體驗.  This is the period where Chinese underwear made significant improvements to where people started to feel more comfortable wearing fabrics of lighter weight and color.  This style of clothing or some variation of it persisted from the Eastern Han Dynasty and when China started to fraction into separate kingdoms into the Three Kingdoms Period, Jin Dynasty, Sixteen Kingdoms Period, and seems to have still been around in some shape or form in the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

From this point on in the history, you will still see a mix of the different Hanfu styles through history but you will probably see more Ruqun 襦裙 and other styles of Hanfu except Quju 曲裾.

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Watch Hebe Tian, Jing Boran as Beauty and the Beast

Watch Hebe Tian and Jing Boran in their rendition of the classic Beauty and the Beast theme song for the upcoming live-action film. The translations are very non-literal and almost sounds more like a translation of Sun and Moon, but at least they both look gorgeous.  Also, if you haven’t heard, Disney’s live-action Mulan is set for a Nov. 2018 release date and is expected to begin filming in April. No news on Sony’s version yet.