Swords of Legends 2 starts filming

Xianxia drama anybody?

Swords of Legends 2 古剑奇谭贰 has started filming.  A sequel to Swords and Legends, this version stars Fu XinboYing ErAarif RahmanJiang WenZhang Zhiyao, and Shao Bing.  I’m not too familiar with this series and did not watch the original so I’m probably not going to translate the synopsis for the time being since I’m getting a bit confused by it.

More below the cut.

5 thoughts on “Swords of Legends 2 starts filming

  1. Picture #3 displays an extremely unlikely grip. That bugs me, for some reason. I might watch this to find out about the eyepatch loupe in the last picture, though.

  2. Another game adaptation they’re going to ruin… 😭
    Someone please make them stop 😭😭😭
    It’s already clogging up the Taobao merchandise and making it harder to get anything for the game. 😭😭😭

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