The King’s Woman prepares for filming

China seems to be going on a period drama roll this and next year.

The King’s Woman 丽姬传 is preparing for filming.  Starring Dilraba DilmuratZhang BinbinLi TaiLiu Chang, and Zhang Xuan, this is based on the novel by Wen Shiren Qin’s Moon: Jingke’s Unofficial Biography 秦时明月之荆轲外传.

(WARNING!!) Spoilers below the cut.

During the Spring and Autumn period, Gongsun Li had learned martial arts from a young age with her two senior brothers.  Out of chance, she meets with Ying Zheng being bullied and saved him from the situation.  During this chaotic period, Gongsun Li was protected by her two senior brothers, who became poisoned as a result.  In order to obtain the antidote, Gongsun Li entered the palace and married Ying Zheng.

However, she quickly found out she was already pregnant but Ying Zheng helped her cover the situation by claiming the child was his own.  When Tianming was born, Ying Zheng was good to the child, earning Gongsun Li’s gratitude.  At this point, Gongsun Li’s elder senior brother Han Shen entered the palace to save her but after learning the truth, stayed on in the palace as an imperial guard.  Gongsun Li, after much time, came to know a kinder and lesser known side to Ying Zheng and came to love him.  In the harem, Gongsun Li learned the inner workings of the palace and earned respect through her wit and kindness, eventually becoming the head of the imperial harem.

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