Acting? The ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie has an open casting call


Malaysian-born Australian model/musician Josh Kua seems like a shoo-in for the role of billionaire heir Nick Young.

Crazy Rich Asians, the best-selling Kevin Kwan novel, is getting a big screen adaption and director Jon M. Chu (Step Up 3D, Now You See Me 2) is on the lookout for acting talent.

The romantic-dramedy follows the story of Nick Young, a handsome, young, British-educated, Singaporean billionaire, and his Chinese-American girlfriend, Rachel, who only discovers his wealth during a trip together to Singapore.

This may sound like an Asian Fifty Shades of Grey, but I promise I’ve never seen Fifty Shades of Grey before, so I can’t tell you for sure. (Though, I’ve been assured that Crazy Rich Asians is substantially different to the Valentine’s-Day-release-date film trilogy.)

The casting directors are looking for English-speaking actors and actresses who can play Chinese-Singaporean or Asian characters, and are turning to social media in search of the best amateur or professional talent. The Warner Brothers production will be the “first all-Asian cast for an American Hollywood studio in a long, long time,” says Chu.

For those of you blessed with unholy acting talent, be sure to visit the website for casting criteria and more information on how to apply. Good luck! For the rest of us, follow the #CrazyRichAsianscasting hashtag on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to view submissions. Some of the auditions are… interesting.

(As a side note, the last time we posted a casting call on Cfensi, Ludi Lin got a brief mention. And now he’s staring in the upcoming Power Rangers movie. So that’s one-for-one on Cfensi turning people into superheroes.)

7 thoughts on “Acting? The ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie has an open casting call

  1. Chloe Bennet!!! We also were the only people on any side of the Pacific to talk about Chloe Bennet and she became a Superhero. So I would say 2/2. Plus Cfensi got the pick for Mulan. So that’s 3/3.

  2. Ludi Lin was actually pretty decent in Power Rangers (especially compared to that demo we saw). Also, he has really good Chinese speaking voice. When he spoke to his mom, it made my heart melt a bit.

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