Concubine Meng Arrives prepares for filming

At least now there’s some more light-hearted period dramas going into production.

Concubine Meng Arrives 萌妃驾到 has started filming, seemingly based on the novel of the same name by Mu Yu.  Starring Jiro WangJin ChenXia YiyaoHan JiunuoMi NuoTang MengjiaShen YaoZhang HaiyuLiu Guanlin, and Chen Dexiu,

(WARNING!!) Spoilers below the cut.

During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Bu Meng entered the palace.  Unwilling to have her fate be thus determined for her, she feigns illness to avoid palace politics while making good friends with the fellow consorts in the palace.

The emperor, having come to conflict with Bu Meng’s father, sought out Bu Meng to relieve his anger.  However, he found himself growing increasingly attracted to Bu Meng with each interaction due to her unique personality resulting in the emperor randomly fabricating opportunities to meet Bu Meng with Bu Meng countering with avoidance.

It wasn’t until they left the palace dressed as commoners that they were able to become friends, leading Bu Meng to discover many of the emperor’s positive attributes and have a change of heart.

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