Huang Xuan to lead Feng Xiaogang’s latest film

Huang Xuan (The Interpreter) is on a roll! He was part of Zhang Yimou’s action-adventure film The Great Wall, recently wrapped up filming for Chen Kaige’s Legend of the Demon Cat and now he’s headlining Feng Xiaogang’s In Youth 芳华. Huang Xuan definitely deserves his success, and I’m glad directors and producers are starting to recognise his talent.

All we know so far is that In Youth is set during the Cultural Revolution and will follow the story of Liu Feng (Huang Xuan), a young dancer in the Communist Party’s Art Troupe who becomes romantically entangled with a group of girls. The girls will be played by current dance and theatre students Miao Miao and Suijun Zhuoma as well as new actresses Zhong Chuxi (A Detective Housewife)Yang Caiyu (Edge of Innocence), Wang Keru (Following the Dead) and Li Xiaofeng (Housing).

The script is written by Yan Geling (The Forty Nine Day Memorial, Coming Home) and the movie has confirmed a premiere date of October 1st.

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