Trailer for The Glory of Tang Dynasty

More nice posters!!

The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 has released a trailer with a tentative release date around January 29th.  I’m not sure how certain this release date is so remember to take it with a grain of salt.  Starring Jing Tian, Wan QianRen Jialun, and Shu Chang, those who enjoyed the last post about this drama can get a better sense of the plot through this trailer.

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Stills for The Taoism Grandmaster

Some of these costumes are pretty interesting looking.

The Taoism Grandmaster 玄门大师 has released more character posters.  Starring Tong MengshiWang XiuzhuPei ZitianZhao YueWang YoushuoZhang YazhuoLi DaikunYang XuanyiChu HanLiu Zewen, Li Ji, Wu YutongGuo JinZhang Ze, and Li Xinzhe, more for those interested through our previous posts.

More character posters below the cut.