Liehuo Ruge prepares for filming

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Liehuo Ruge 烈火如歌 (also known as The Flame’s Daughter) is preparing for filming, based on the same novel by Ming Xiaoxi.  So far, the cast consists of Dilraba Dilmurat.

More below the cut and (WARNING!!) potential spoilers at the bottom of the post.

In antiquity, Anhe Palace was in a position of placing the country into jeopardy.  The An Yeluo liked An Yeming but An Yeming married Zhan Feitian.  In order to harm Zhan Feitian, An Yeluo switched the daughter just born into Zhan Feitian’s household and the son just born into Liehuo Villa’s master Lie Mingjing’s household.

Lie Mingjing named the girl Lie Ruge and Zhan Feitian named the boy Zhan Feng.  After Zhan Feitian’s death, Lie Mingjing took custody of Zhan Feng.  Lie Ruge grew up with Zhan Feng and Yu Zihan.  Lie Ruge and Zhan Feng fell in love but An Yeluo, seeing the developments at Liehuo Villa, tricked Zhan Feng into believing that Lie Mingjing killed his father Zhan Feitian.  This resulted in Zhan Feng breaking up with Lie Ruge who eventually became acquainted with Yin Xue, somebody who grew to protect her.

Zhan Feng eventually killed Lie Mingjing but shifted the blame to Pili Gate.  Eventually, through the housekeeper at Liehuo Villa, Zhan Feng learned the truth and decided to get revenge on An Yeluo.  Together with Lie Ruge, Yu Zihan, and Yin Xue, they were able to defeat An Yeluo and restore peace to the nation.

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