The Last Visa brings war hero’s story to the small screen

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The Last Visa 最后一张签证 is inspired by the true story of diplomat He Fengshan, whose heroic deeds during World War II allowed several thousands of Jews to escape persecution.

Due to a lack of historical records, the drama is bound to take creative liberties, though I’m sure we’re in safe hands with acclaimed screenwriter Gao Mantang (In the Silence, The Old Peasant, Chuang Guandong) at the helm. Newly minted Best Actor Wang Lei (Fury Hero, An Ordinary World) will play the diplomat, and award-winning veteran actor Chen Baoguo (Operation Mekong) will play his mentor and superior. Costars include Zhang Jingjing (The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan), Natalia Germani and Jan Revai.

The Last Visa will begin airing on Beijing TV and Jiangsu TV from New Year’s Day, and run for 46 episodes.

3 thoughts on “The Last Visa brings war hero’s story to the small screen

  1. Neat! Totally didn’t know about the history. Do Chinese dramas ever do foreign actors speaking in their language with subtitles? Or is it always dubbing?

    • From what I’ve seen, foreign actors are usually dubbed over in Chinese. Actors may have short conversations in their native language if the story calls for it e.g. Republican shows (The Disguiser) and dramas set abroad (Farewell Vancouver, To Be A Better Man)

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