Zhaoge character designs

At least some of Yu Zheng’s tactics towards doing things seems to have changed. In the past, we would have been drowning in images by now.

Zhaoge 朝歌 released character designs a while ago and I thought I would share.  Starring Zhang ZhehanBao JianfengLin YouweiWu Jiayi, and Liu Mintao, based on these images, this seems to be a stylized take on the era.

More below the cut.


5 thoughts on “Zhaoge character designs

  1. lol i love the guy with the thumbs up lmao
    but yeah some of these pictures reminds me of fashion shoots where they photo chopped it and edited it, looks like it could be a fashion show in a couple of the pictures here.

  2. the costume in that fourth picture down reminds me so much of Crystal Liu Fei’s costume in A Chinese Ghost Story film wth Louis Koo.

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