Ge You and Zhang Ziyi’s period noir film set for release


Set in 1930s Shanghai, The Wasted Times 罗曼蒂克消亡史 stars Ge You (Gone with the Bullets) as Mr. Lu, a powerful and murderous gangster who embarks on quest for revenge after his wife and children are killed by Japanese officials.

N.B.: Some of the dialogue is spoken in the Shanghai dialect.

Tadanobu Asano (Harmonium) plays Mr. Lu’s  Japanese brother-in-law who finds himself at odds with the rest of the family when his home country begins to invade China. Zhang Ziyi (Run for Love) stars as a socialite who has no time for men and their philandering ways, and dreams only of freedom and true love.

Du Chun (Happy Mitan) plays a hired killer and chauffeur under Mr. Lu, Gillian Chung (A Chinese Odyssey Part Three) is his loyal subordinate, Yuan Quan (Call of Heroes) plays a famous movie star who is abandoned by her husband and Yan Ni (Vive Les Femmes) rounds out the supporting cast as Mr. Lu’s housekeeper. Other actors that will make appearances in the film include veteran Ni Dahong, Han Geng, Wallace Chung, Huo Siyan, Du Jiang and Zheng Xiaolong.

The Wasted Times is written and directed by Cheng Er (Lethal Hostage) and will premiere in China and North America on December 16th. The film will also be released in select Australian and New Zealand cinemas one day prior.



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