A Tale of Two Phoenixes prepares for filming

A Tale of Two Phoenixes 凤囚凰 is preparing to start filming.  Based on the novel of the same name by Tianyi Youfeng 天衣有风 and produced by Yu Zheng. He has stated that Yang Rong and new actor Merxat will be playing the leads Chuyu and Rongzhi respectively, though knowing Yu Zheng, anything can change.

More character designs below the cut and (WARNING!) spoilers at the bottom of the post.

This drama seems to take place in 464 during the Northern and Southern Dynasties in the Southern Dynasty of Liu Song. Liu Ziye gained the throne and ruled tyrannically while his sister of the same mother, Princess Shanyin (Liu Chuyu) lived a degenerated life of luxury.

Tianji Tower desired to replace the emperor and sent disciple Chuyu, who resembled the princess to take her place and support Liu Yu.  Chuyu eventually met an individual named Rongzhi who she eventually developed feelings for.  Eventually, they were able to obtain success with Liu Ziye being killed and the real princess also dying during the change of power.

Unfortunately, Chuyu had grown tired of plotting and no longer desired to return to Tianji Tower so Rongzhi took her to a border country, learning that Rongzhi was actually the trusted aid of the Empress Dowager of Northern Wei, working under cover to overthrow the country. Rongzhi initially chooses power over love, but is unable to forget Chuyu. The two eventually professed their love for each other and choose to leave the past behind them.

9 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Phoenixes prepares for filming

  1. Latest: Yang Rong and Mi Re may be replaced by Guan Xiaotong and Song Weilong. Apparently production company wasn’t happy with the original cast and/or wanted to start filming before copyright expired.

    • That was kinda dumb, YZ had three years to shoot the drama and he bought the copyright to the novel for Yang Rong. Took all these times to find the “right” Rongzhi, finally decided on Merxat, only to switch both at the very last minute. Yes, it was said the investors wanted a new cast and since the copyright will expire, and the company need to start shooting, but Yang Rong’s schedule clashes, so she can’t be in it…nice going YZ.

      There’s ton of angry fans on weibo on the subject. And Yang Rong even just posted she wanted to say something, but don’t know what to say…

    • Did he delete that post? I stopped following him on weibo after that whole fiasco. Hahaha!!

      Having read the book, Merxat doesn’t have that aura. He is also too dark. I like them healthy and tanned but not in this set up. Doesn’t fit.

      • I believe so. After the report on the investors, I went to look for the weibo post, but it’s not there anymore.

        • Same here. He deleted both posts. One with ZYL and one announcing Merxat. No news since then. Wasn’t filming slated for this month?

          • Originally I think it was planned to start shooting this month, but Yang Rong is busy filming a drama at the moment. Though it was highly expected that she is the female lead, but YZ never confirmed it. So who knows….

            Also, I wondered if Merxat started filming before he was confirmed? The picture above was an official still posted by YZ when he was confirmed as Rongzhi (but got deleted). In this video, he was also dressed in ancient costume, unless he was filming something else at the moment.

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