Lost Love in Times teases with character posters


For some reason these costumes remind me of Zhang Yimou’s movies…

Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑 (previously translated as Drunken Exquisiteness) has released official character posters featuring Liu Shishi (Precious Youth) and William Chan (The Mystic Nine).

Liu Shishi stars as Feng Qingchen, the sorceress tasked with protecting the royal family, while William Chan plays Yuan Ling, fourth prince and main love interest to our female lead. The original novel has a time-travel premise, and the screenwriters have reportedly worked around the SAPPRFT ban by using parallel universes instead.

The production company is constantly reminding us of their professional crew, one of which is costume designer Chang Sukping, who garnered an Oscar nomination for his work in The Grandmaster 一代宗师However, I’m still on the fence about William Chan’s styling – the big velvet bow tie, tight top knot and colourful armour do no favours for him. Liu Shishi’s costumes look slightly better, but still suffers from a tight hairdo. Hopefully everything will look better in motion.

Xu Haiqiao, Han Xue, Tang Jingmei, Huang Mengying and Zhang He costar, while Liu Yijun and Han Dong will be making guest appearances. Love Lost in Times is currently filming in Dunhuang, and is looking to broadcast late next year.

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    • Haha that was what I was thinking! Not too different from having it all in the one universe– the rest of the show would be the same regardless :3 only instead of stuffing up/changing history in “our timeline”, the heroine messes up somebody else’s timeline lol.

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