Asura begins filming

I usually try to avoid projects like these because sometimes they try too hard to prove themselves…

I guess there’s a new filming in the works named Asura 阿修罗.  I’m waiting on a comprehensive list of the main cast but the production and actors/actresses seem to draw from a pretty diverse background.  The film seems to be aiming for a release sometime in 2018.

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More stills for Justice Bao

Yes… because we all know the spray tan was invented during the Song Dynasty…

Justice Bao 包青天 has released more stills.  Starring Li DongxueGao JunxianZhang ZhixiKenneth Tsang, and Liu Qianhan, those interested in any of these actors can get get a look while we wait on a trailer.

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Last of the Song of Phoenix stills

Last of my stills collection. Get it while it’s hot.

This week, we finish off my collection of Song of Phoenix 思美人 stills.  Starring Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu, Qiao Zhenyu, Yiyang Qianxi, Du Chun, Liu Yun, Lan Xi, Lee Hyunjae, Yin Zhusheng, Fu Yiwei, and Wang Yuelun, all in all I feel the show should be a good watch despite probably having seen just about everything through the stills that have been released.

More stills below the cut. (more…)