Breathtaking first trailer for The Advisors Alliance


I need an official glimpse of Sima Yi’s adversary Zhuge Liang. The feather fan in the trailer is not enough…

The Advisors Alliance stars Wu Xiubo as Sima Yi, a politician and strategist of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period. Sima Yi served as a strategist to three rulers, including warlord Cao Cao (Yu Hewei) and Kings Cao Pi (Li Chen) and Cao Rui (Liu Huan).

The drama will focus on Sima Yi’s legendary life as he moved up the ranks from young strategist to powerful regent and de facto ruler of the Wei Kingdom.

Political machinations within the royal court will form the core of the story, as will Sima Yi’s relationships with principal wife Zhang Chunhua (Liu Tao) and concubine Bai Lingyun (Janine Chang). Other major characters featured in the trailer include Cao Cao’s loyal advisers Xun Yu (Wang Jinsong) and Yang Xiu (Zhai Tianlin) and Cao Pi’s consorts Lady Zhen (Zhang Zhixi) and Guo Zhao (Tang Yixin).

The Advisors Alliance has been filming since February, and is confirmed for a 2017 broadcast on Beijing TV and Jiangsu TV.

8 thoughts on “Breathtaking first trailer for The Advisors Alliance

  1. Yu Hewei’s narrative at the beginning of the trailer and at the end gave me a serious case of the goosebumps. Wow. While I don’t normally enjoy watching 3 kingdoms, I’ll give a good ole college try for this one.

      • It makes sense if Wu Xiubo narrated it and I would’ve thought it was him too, except I watched one of Yu Hewei’s drama right before that posting and the voiceover sounds exactly like him. And the more I thought about it, the content makes sense if it were to come from Cao Cao. He wasn’t always the “I want to take over the world” bad guy. He started as a patriotic general who wanted to serve the emperor and restore Han to its former glory. It was only later on that he realized that he is so much better at ruling the country than the brainless emperor. Which incidentally is the same path Sima Yi (Wu Xiubo’s character) embarks on. There is a definitely a mirroring effect between those two.

  2. So many dramas to look forward to. It’s going to be a heck of a start to 2017 given at least a few of them are probably going to be aiming for a late 2016 to early 2017 time slot.

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