Zhaoge prepares for filming

I don’t think an actual English title has been set in stone yet but given the time period this drama is set in, it is probably a reference to the capital city of the Shang Dynasty, Zhaoge.

Those who miss Yu Zheng‘s productions are in luck.  Zhaoge 朝歌 has started filming.  Starring Zhang ZhehanBao JianfengLin YouweiWu Jiayi, and Liu Mintao, the artwork so far looks fantastic but I guess with all Yu Zheng productions, we’ll have to wait until the final product to see if it suits your personal tastes.

(Warning!) Potential spoilers below the cut.

Back in the Shang dynasty, the capital was eventually moved to Zhaoge in the hopes that the city would grow prosperous.  However, by the reign of King Zhou of Shang, the livelihood of the people was driven into a desperate state due to warfare.  King Zhou of Shang also had the son of King Wen of Zhou (The “zhou” in King Zhou of Shang and King Wen of Zhou are different characters), Ji Kao, in his hands.  Ji Kao was on good terms with the son of King Zhou, Yin Jiao, who wished to save the people from their plight.  Ji Kao eventually set up and degraded to the status of a slave but was saved by Yin Jiao.  While fleeing, Ji Kao met Jiang ZiyaNezha, and Yang Jian who assisted him.

Years later, Ji Kao had changed names to Ji Fa and led eight hundred feudal princes to suppress King Zhou, leading to the destruction of the Shang dynasty.  Yin Jiao turned on Ji Fa, who he accused of leading his mother to her death.  This eventually led to Yin Jiao’s suicide.  Ji Fa eventually ascended and became King Wu of Zhou, remembering to keep in mind his shared dream with Yin Jiao to lift the people towards a better future.

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  1. When I think of this period, I think of The Gods (封神榜). The drawing with the fox reinforces my perception. Is this true period film or a fantasy/myth drama?

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