Zhang Tian’ai, Jin Chen join Yang Yang in Martial Universe


Will this drama be able to redefine the Chinese fantasy genre?

Zhang Tian’ai (Go Princess Go) and Jin Chen (The Imperial Doctress) are set to star as the female leads in fantasy-cultivation drama Martial Universe 武动乾坤, which had earlier confirmed rising actor Yang Yang (Just One Smile Is Very Alluring/Love O2O) as the male lead.

The original novel is set in a world where demons, protectors and humans coexist. A mysterious seal introduces male protagonist Lin Dong to the art of cultivation, and he travels across the lands in order to hone his skills. He meets two vastly different women in Ling Qingzhu (Zhang Tianai) and Ying Huanhuan (Jin Chen) on his adventures, and gets romantically entangled with both. The direction of the romance seems to be quite similar to that of Chinese Paladin 仙剑奇侠传 and Noble Aspirations 青云志.

Through sheer grit and determination, Lin Dong eventually becomes one of the most powerful and respected cultivators. As Lin Dong’s powers increase, so does his knowledge of the world’s deadliest secrets. He soon discovers the demon sect’s plot to take over the world, and the three youths join forces with the righteous martial artists to defeat all evil and return peace to the land.

This production marks the first foray of acclaimed historical drama director Zhang Li (Forty Nine Days-Fiesta, The Young Marshal) into the ‘intellectual property’ market. In an interview, he revealed that the drama will be set in the culturally vibrant Spring & Autumn / Warring States Period, and that there would be more emphasis on the wuxia elements.

I actually think his directorial style will give the drama some much needed gravitas, so fingers crossed the story will not disappoint. The 60 episode drama will begin filming in early November.

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