FAQ: Why do people dub?

Stay calm and just repeat after me – one two three, two two three, three two three

I used to make excuses for dramas that dub, citing restrictions on accents, technology, and all that good-stuff. Unfortunately, I’ve since realized that’s not really true. The only real reason? That lovely little thing called self-interest.

The voices you hear in a TV show came through one of the three ways:

  • Dubbed by a dubbing team –  ex. all of Empresses in the Palace,
  • Dubbed original voices – ex. some leads of Nirvana in Fire.
  • On-site Recording  –   ex. Ode to Joy, The Interpreters

Dubbing methods often vary character-to-character, and dramas can use a mix of all three.

Let’s go down the list of excuses I used to believe : (more…)

The Fated General prepares for filming

It’s nice that dramas aren’t limiting themselves to a palace backdrop these days.

The Fated General 大漠骠骑—霍去病 has started preparing for filming.  This dramas is set in the Western Han dynasty and follows the titular Huo Qubing during his rise from the circumstances of his birth to his famous conquests over the Xiongnu.  Starring Zhang RuoyunMao Xiaotong, and Bai Yu, anybody looking for a Han dynasty drama can give this a try.