Chen Kun returns to dramaland after nine years


Seems like The Disguiser has reinvigorated the espionage genre.

A-list actor Chen Kun (Chongqing Hotpot, Mojin: The Lost Legend) will be returning to drama land with The One Who Escapes 脱身者 after working exclusively in film for almost a decade. He’s one of those really charismatic and attractive stars who also happens to be very good at his craft, so this is one drama I will not miss a single episode of, come hell or high water.

The production company is keeping a mysterious profile, and hasn’t released anything about the plot either. All we know about this new republican spy drama is that screenwriter Wang Qi’nan (script consultant for Mojin: The Lost Legend) spent nine years perfecting the story, and that Chen Kun will be playing two roles. If we can get another awesome performance like Yu Huatian and Feng Lidao from Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 龙门飞甲, then I’m all for it.

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9 thoughts on “Chen Kun returns to dramaland after nine years

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  5. I thought he was Zhang Luyi in the first pic … this sounds really exciting, if only because Republican-era Chen Kun is the best looking Chen Kun.

  6. Love him. So excited when I read about this. Is he really confirmed for the period drama that starting filming early next year or was that still a rumor?

    • CK’s participation in 凰权/Rise of Phoenixes is still a rumour – we don’t know if he’s actually agreed or if it’s just a publicity stunt by the producers.

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