The Taoism Grandmaster starts filming

My gosh.  The fantasy genre is really having a ball this year!

The Taoism Grandmaster 玄门大师 has started filming.  This seems to be a dark fantasy drama from Huace Media for those interested and since I’m not too familiar with this, I’ll be waiting for a list of the main cast on a more reliable site to come out.

More and (WARNING!!) possible spoilers at the end of the post.

A prophecy about the end of the world and a destined savior has been passed down since antiquity.  In the Eastern Han dynasty, the central plains faced many threats.  Thus, a group was established to look for the sacred objects and individuals necessary for the fulfillment of the prophecy.

A pair of friends proved themselves among of the ranks of this group and, through their accomplishments, attracted the attention of a goddess.  However, this brought about the jealousy of another god and, as you can guess, he ends up dabbling in demonic arts.  Secrets about the true identities of the two friends are eventually revealed and each makes the choice to lead their respective sides back towards a better future until they are sent barreling towards a final confrontation before establishing the long-sought-after peace.

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