Behind the scenes stills with Gan Tingting today.  You have to wonder how she manages to still look so ethereal despite standing in front of a green screen…

Xuanyuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han 轩辕剑之汉之云 has released more stills.  Starring Zhang YunlongYu MenglongGuan XiaotongZhang Jiazhu, and Ju Jingyi, quiet a diversity of Chinese dramas going into production this year.

More below the cut.


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3 thoughts on “Gan Tingting for Xuanyuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han”

  1. I don’t like mile-high hair. I don’t like no-hair either (I’m looking at you, Qing dynasty). Why can’t they get hair right?!

    1. Well, at least the Qing dynasty hair is historically accurate but I’m silently screaming, “Baldy, baldy, baldy!”

      1. Historic Qing dynasty men’s hairstyle/clothing was even uglier than those seen in c-dramas. Blame it as the source of crude western images of Chinese men.

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