Royal Highness releases character posters and teasers

At least the concept behind the posters is kind of original.

Royal Highness 回到明朝当王爷之杨凌传 has released character posters and a teaser.  Starring Jiang JinfuYuan BingyanLiu RuilingLiu YanZhang SifanWang ZixuanWang Lidan, and Chen Haoyu, actual images and videos with actors and costumes for those wondering how the actual production will turn out.

More character posters and teasers below the cut.

Teaser 2, Teaser 3, Teaser 4,

2 thoughts on “Royal Highness releases character posters and teasers

  1. If you hadn’t pointed it out I would’ve missed those skyscrapers in the background. The poster is indeed interesting, a crafty reminder that it is without a doubt a time travel drama.

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