Romance film I Belonged To You gears up for premiere


“I’m not immune to anger, pain or grief. It’s just that I don’t speak about the imperfect and shameful things.”

I Belonged To You 从你的全世界路过 is a romance film adapted from Zhang Jiajia’s popular short-story collection, and features an ensemble cast made up of Deng Chao, Bai Baihe, Yang YangZhang Tianai, Yue Yunpeng and Liu Yan. It is also the latest project from notorious producer and director Zhang Yibai (Never Gone, movie version of Love O2O).

Deng Chao steers away from slapstick comedy this time, and takes on the role of Chen Mo, a radio DJ who hides his problems under a happy-go-lucky personality. He’s intent on chasing back ex-girlfriend turned boss Xiao Rong (Du Juan), though everything changes when enthusiastic intern Yao Ji (Zhang Tianai) enters the picture.

Mao Shiba (Yang Yang) is the cousin of Chen Mo, a young man who is only interested in tinkering with electronics. The public explosions that follow his failed experiments mean he is often chased around the neighbourhood by local policewoman Li Zhi (Bai Baihe), though their bickering relationship soon blossoms into a sweet romance.

Zhu Tou (Yue Yunpeng) sees money as his top priority and works all sorts of jobs, only because he wants to give girlfriend Yan Zi (Liu Yan) the best life possible. Yan Zi is everything to Zhu Tou, and can do no wrong in his eyes.

I like the feel of the promos, and fervently hope the story will actually have some organic emotional development. I Belonged To You will be released in theatres on September 29th.

Couple Teasers: Chen Mo & Yao Ji, Li Zhi & Mao Shiba, Zhu Tou & Yan Zi

Opening theme by Li Ronghao, Ending theme by Faye Wong

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