It’s nice to see productions in all different genres coming through the works as opposed to every other drama being a palace period or any other of the genres that have been popular lately.

Fighter of the Destiny 择天记 has released more stills and a teaser.  Starring Lu HanGulnazarWu QianYao DiZeng ShunxiXu LingyueJu XianhaoZhang JunzhuGao HanyuChen Shu, and Eric Tsang, it seems like as of late, a decent production team is only covering the basics of what it takes to make a successful drama as other production teams ramp up on these regards.  Dramas with productions that may have once commanded hoards of fans and dominated ratings are finding it harder to do so with other productions in the line-up.

More stills below the cut.

Teaser 2

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