Fox in the Screen begins filming

I guess fantasy dramas are the new “thing” now…

Fox in the Screen 屏里狐 has begun filming.  Starring Luo YunxiLiu XinqiHuang JunjieHao ZejiaCui Shaohan, and Wang Chaoyang, another fantasy drama for those interested.

More posters and (WARNING!) potential spoilers at the bottom of the post.

A down on her luck artist, Zheng Xuejing, one day finds an enchanted brush and released three handsome immortal male foxes from a screen.  Thus their fates became intertwined as Zheng Xuejing comes to learn the wonders and difficulties she has unleashed.

5 thoughts on “Fox in the Screen begins filming

  1. I love all the actors in this TV series, especially Luo Leo. He’s handsome and hopefully he will be more recognize for his performances with other producers out there.

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