The Legend of the Condor Heroes stills flood

The drama equivalent of uncontrolled selfie-taking: Gratuitous still and poster releases.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes flooding continues.  Starring Yang XuwenLi YitongChen Xingxu, and Meng Ziyi, I remain convinced that in order to encourage more interest in wuxia, there needs to be an extension of the quality increase in production that we have seen in other dramas.

More stills below the cut.

6 thoughts on “The Legend of the Condor Heroes stills flood

  1. I loved the 1994 Hong Kong version of this, and have discovered a newfound love for Li Yitong and Yang Xuwen, so definitely going to watch this when it comes out! And wuxia still remains one of my favorite genres…

    • I know! But I don’t think they are enough to get lots of people to start watching the genre again and give it a boost.

      • The genre? You mean pure wuxia? I think many people still watch wuxia movies or dramas. Or maybe I’m overrating my age group? LOL.

        • Did not mean it like that. DX There are always going to be those that watch wuxia dramas but it just seems to me like the genre has taken more of a backseat lately.

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