The Glory of Tang Dynasty begins filming

Promising-looking poster so far.

The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 has started filming, based on the novel Biography of the Imperial Concubine: Legend of Pearl 大唐后妃传之珍珠传奇 by Cang Mingshui.  Starring Jing TianWan QianRen Jialun, and Shu Chang, it seems like a lot of dramas this year are set in or around the Tang dynasty.  Hurrah for fans of this period.

(WARNING!!) Potential spoilers below the cut.

The story of Shen Zhenzhu during the Tang Dynasty who becomes Consort Shen under the Prince of Guangping, later Emperor Daizong and bears him the future Emperor Dezong.  During the An Lushan Rebellion and due to being separated from her husband, chose to become a commoner, allowing her son to live without the stigma of her history and continue on to the road to the throne.

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