Son of Hero releases even more stills

I guess this will be literally Yue Fei 2.0…

Son of Hero has released more stills.  Starring Gao Yunxiang, Li Man, Zhu ZixiaoLiu YuxinXie Xiangming, Zhang ZijianShi XiaolongYang TongshuWeng HongMa JunweiShang Tiantong, and Jiang Mingyang, people who are waiting on a Song dynasty drama might want to give this a try.

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2 thoughts on “Son of Hero releases even more stills

  1. nothing against chinese remakes, contemporary adaptations, 5th versions of some historical chinese figure’s life and the like but I always wondered why the chinese entertainment industry never went the “appropriate your entire culture and history”- route and simply casts chinese actors (and other “mongoloid” actors) for roles of historical like baybars, alp arslan, chandragupta(of both the mauryan of gupta empire- they both came from the mleccha regions of what is today called north east india/nepal/bhutan- guess what kind of people live there), attila the hun, suleyman the maginificient, tamerlane, babur, li ling(founder of the darkhaired darkeyed kyrgyz people) etc. they would reach an international market more easily (considering it could be considered somewhat historically accurate when it comes to ethnic make up, or at least more accurate than the local productions of south and west asia) and expand chinese soft power throughout eurasia(also north america, because they want to be involved in everything and anything, and places such as bolivia and peru where the main demographic hates the spanish faces on tv, opting for hallyu and ethnically japanese presidents instead)

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