WuXin: The Monster Killer II releases character posters

IMO, he actually looks a bit like a student based on his dress… XD

Wuxin: The Monster Killer II 无心法师II has released more character posters.  Starring Han DongjunChen YaoWang YanlinMike D. AngeloLi Landi, and Wang Yinuo, I’m still iffy on the costuming but we’ll see.

More and (WARNING!!) potential spoilers below the cut.

Seems to be twenty years in the future from the original.  Much of the story seems to be up in the air but it seems to involve the next generation of the original cast with the exception of characters influenced by the magical world.

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  1. yay, so nice that they’re making more, loved the cast and was also hoping the the female lead in the previous one was also going to be in here also. can’t wait for it when it airs :)

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