It’s kind of sad since Lan Xi seems to have been typecast as a woman of the palace…

Song of Phoenix 思美人 has released more stills.  Starring Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu, Qiao Zhenyu, Yiyang Qianxi,   Liu Yun, Lan Xi, and Lee Hyunjae, although I would debate the historical reliability of the costumes, hey, at least they’re pretty.

More stills below the cut.


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3 thoughts on “Lan Xi for Song of Phoenix”

    1. At this stage probably not, however, I would imagine it will impact which time slot this show get to air on. Since the risk is not an outright ban like actors that did drugs (i.e. Monster Hunt last year need to be reshot due to Chia-Kai Ko’s drug arrest), But it probably will keep shows with Korean Actors out of popular timeslots. So it would be the production company’s decision balancing the cost of re-shooting or have it air in a bad time slot.

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